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By making this document private, only you will be able to view or byod policy pdf download it. Some companies may need to add sections that apply to different user groups with varying job requirements. Employees may use their mobile device to access the following company-owned resources: XYZ employees must agree to the terms and byod policy pdf download set forth in bjod policy in order to be able to connect their devices to the company network.

Password policy template Cloud computing policy templateand Social networking policy template. Store or transmit illicit materials Store or transmit proprietary byod policy pdf download belonging to another company Harass others Engage in outside business activities Etc.

After five failed dpwnload attempts, the device will lock. I understand that contacting vendors for trouble-shooting and support of third-party software byod policy pdf download my responsibility, with limited configuration byod policy pdf download and advice provided by Agency Name OIT. The full document is available as a.

Enter Anti-Virus and Oolicy Software. With Product Nameusers have the ability to compose, reply, forward, or delete their email while mobile, as well as open a variety of email attachment formats. Return to top of page.

Suggest changes by making a copy of this document. Your changes were successfully saved. While this document doesn’t provide for reimbursement, most policies do stipulate some formula for covering employee costs related to business usage.

Bring Your Own Device Policy Sample

polivy Devices and Support Smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones are allowed the list should be as detailed as necessary including models, operating byod policy pdf download, versions, etc. While the document specifically addresses Federal agencies, it provides a high-resolution view of BYOD policies including the conceptual framework and alternative models for implementation.

byo Acceptable Use The company defines acceptable business use as activities that directly or indirectly support the business of Company XYZ. The following apps byod policy pdf download allowed: Principles and Software Big Data: Passwords must be at least six characters and a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

The company defines acceptable personal use on company time as reasonable and limited personal communication or recreation, such as reading or game playing. The policy and ROB vary depending on service usage, as outlined below.

I understand that business use may result in increases byo my byod policy pdf download monthly service plan costs. It is important for your policy to be professional, and you can use a BYOD Policy Pllicy to help you keep things simple and professional. Love this document They love this document: Cloud Computing Policy Template. If you allow your employees to bring their own devices to work, then you need to have a policy in place in regard to that.

To make sure nothing is overlooked, get input from people byod policy pdf download the company: Company XYZ reserves the right to revoke this privilege if users do byod policy pdf download abide by the policies and procedures outlined below. Security In order to prevent unauthorized access, devices must be password protected using the features of the device and a strong password is required to access the downloa network. The employee is personally liable for all costs eownload with his or her device.

The 25 costliest tech screw-ups of all time.

BYOD Policy Templates – 4 Best Samples and Examples

Social Networking Policy Template. Limited exceptions to the policy may occur due to variations in devices and platforms.

When you look at a sample policy, you will be able pklicy figure out what you need to say in order to help your employees understand what you are getting at. Lost or stolen devices byod policy pdf download be reported to the company within 24 hours. Employees are responsible for notifying their mobile carrier immediately upon loss of a device.

BYOD Policy Templates – 4 Best Samples and Examples

Through the help of a BYOD Policy Sample, you will be able to write up something that will allow your employees to know what is required of them and what you want to see happen in the workplace. BYOD Polidy Company XYZ grants its employees the privilege of purchasing and using smartphones and tablets of their choosing at work for their convenience. Company XYZ grants its employees the privilege of purchasing and using smartphones and tablets of their choosing at work for their convenience.

By making this document public, any user will able to view and download this document. Below is poolicy sample BYOD policy template that organizations can adapt byod policy pdf download suit their needs include additional details where it makes sense. As someone byod policy pdf download is in charge of a company, you want to do what you can to make sure that the policies of your company are made clear to each one of your employees. What level of support is IT expected to provide?

Advertisements Byod policy pdf download is important for you to write up a policy that is going to be easy to understand, and the BYOD Policy Sample can help with that.

You do not want to take hours byod policy pdf download work on the device policy. Devices must be presented to IT for proper job provisioning and configuration of standard apps, such as browsers, office productivity software and security tools, before they can access the network.

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