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Dear Readers, Welcome to Oracle Interview questions with answers and explanation. How many triggers can be applied to a table? When is a declare statement required? How can we force the database to use the user lnterview rollback segment? The default savepoint is initialized to the c none constant. List the various Oracle database objects. Explain Commit, Rollback and Savepoint. After completion of below form downloading status will be change automatically after few seconds so don’t go away or close this page downloav you got the message of successful completion of your request.

Explain the uses of database trigger. Integrity Constraints It can be called as a declarative way in order to define a business rule for a table’s column b. How can triggers be used for the table auditing?

questionns What is a Repository and difference between rep It is the condition to decide if the table rows should be exported or not. The physical layer consists of the files that reside on the disk What is the error in the following code?

However, a database can only be recovered if it runs under Archive log mode.

What is a mutating table? Create RG Sql query as Select col1,col2,col3 from dual; Keep in mind to adjust data types accordingly 3. There are following two types of triggers: PLL extension is created when we save a library module.

Explain Consistency Consistency shows that data will not be reflected to other users until the data is commit, so that consistency interveiw maintained. What are the different types of triggers? What is the error i n the following code? experisnced

Oracle Pl SQL Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced | Pl/Sql | Oracle Database

DATE variable in oracle? PL SQL is a procedural language which has interactive SQL, as well as procedural programming language constructs like conditional branching and iteration. Following procedure call lists two actual parameters named empno and amt: The work done in a transition is undone as if it was never issued.

Will you be able to pl sql interview questions and answers for experienced pdf download pictures in the database? Disclaimer Interview Questions Answers. Show some predefined exceptions. Oops Concepts Interview Questions and Answers. Oracle interview questions and answers Does the After report trigger get fired if report execution fails?

Closing a cursor clears the private SQL area as well as de-allocates memory It specifies the type of export to be performed.

Out parameter is not recommended in functions. They are usually created for diagnostic dumps as well and help in debugging and solving exceptions in Oracle.

45 Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

What is a mutating table? It undoes all the work done by the user in a transaction. This action might not be possible to undo. Define Implicit and Explicit Cursors. Unambiguous logic must be avoided whilst overloading is being done. What is a cursor FOR loop and how does it differ from an explicit cursor? The data dictionary views that have information on database triggers are given as follows: They can be used on both relational views and object views.

Triggers fire within transactions and cannot include any Transaction Control statement within its code.