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Easy Coding for Traders; How to Build Your Own Indicator

If you do not specify a length for the data set, the default number thinkscript manual pdf download bars is If you simply want to draw predefined strategies on the chart, right click the Blue Bullet and select ‘Add Strategy’.

If you want thinkscript manual pdf download change the code in your custom study, return to the “Edit Studies” window by clicking the “Studies” button in the upper right hand corner of the Charts tab, then clicking on “Edit Studies”.

Adding Strategies On the ‘Edit Strategies’ window you’ll see a list of predefined strategies under ‘Available https: In this case, SMA itself is not displayed on the chart because there is no manuxl declaration to do so.

For it to work, you must give the data you are trying to plot a name and then define what that data will represent. In every respect using functions in strategies behaves the same as using them when editing studies. You can create a select box in thinkScript by using a construction known as an ‘enum’.

thinkscript manual pdf download


Click on thinkscript manual pdf download function name to see details of how that function works in the lower box on the right-hand sidebar. Locate your study in the “Available Studies” list. Doing so will open a blank ‘New strategy’ editor. This will open the ‘New strategy’ editor with the chosen strategy’s definition preloaded. Editing Stategies – Referencing Historical Thinkscript manual pdf download In the example above you see a construct that looks like this: If you want to create an adjustable parameter for your thinkScript strategy, you use the input keyword: To begin using the thinkScript editor for strategies, go to the TOS Charts tab, click ‘Studies’ in the upper right corner of the page and select ‘Edit Strategies’.

To see the input parameters of a particular study, click on that study in the ‘Edit Studies’ section of the Charts tab. This will open the thinkscript manual pdf download Strategies’ window.

Once you’ve provided the name, click the “Save” button and your new study can be applied to any chart like any of the pre- programmed studies. Also, thinkScript code is not case-sensitive.


If you do not specify a length thinkscript manual pdf download the data set, the default 12 bars of data is thinkscript manual pdf download. Locate your strategy in the ‘Available strategies’ list. At the top of the “New Study” editor is a field where you can name your study.

To do so, you have two choices: Accessing Data From Another Symbol To hhinkscript data from another symbol in your code, append the name of the symbol in quotes and parentheses to the data type you want to use.

You can specify these parameters in any order. If you haven’t done so, it might be good to familiarize yourself with how thinkScript https: As you can see, the script involved here is very simple. Once you’ve pdv the name, maual ‘Save’ and your new strategy will be available for drawing over any chart.

Like between, the ‘if’ function will most likely be used as a test for a larger study. Click the blue bullet to the left of the name of the study and select “Edit source”.

You want an upper study thknkscript your study plot falls more or less within the same range as pricing. Lastly, you can override plot main color using assignValueColor function: This will open the ‘New study’ thinkscript manual pdf download with the chosen study’s definition preloaded.

This is simply a predefined set of data and the code looks like this: You can change the parameters of the study within reference by inputting them between parentheses. This will open the ‘Edit Studies’ window.

By default, all studies created with thinkScript are upper studies and you don’t have to make this declaration. Editing Stategies – A Simple Example Thinkscriipt are examples of the buy and sell sides of a thinkscript manual pdf download simple strategy.

At the top of downloar ‘New Strategy’ editor is a field where you can name the strategy. To use thinkScript to make a study of your own you now have two choices: Rhinkscript studies are marked with the icon. Related documents View more. Editing Stategies More than likely, you will want to create strategies of your own rather than use predefined strategies.

Editing Stategies – Creating Input Parameters Most of the time you’ll want to create strategies that allow you to easily adjust the boundaries thinkscript manual pdf download the strategy.

These strategies are actually based on studies and render buy and sell triggers when their underlying study meets a thinkscript manual pdf download condition. That will return you to the study editor to make any changes. Each function has required parameters. Next click on the Blue Bullet next to the chosen study and click thinkscript manual pdf download To do so, add it to the list of ‘Added strategies’ from the ‘Edit Strategies’ window and click ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ to keep working in the window.

To begin using the thinkScript editor for studies, go to the Charts tab, click ‘Studies’ in the upper right corner of the page and select ‘Edit Studies’.

Secondly, ‘if’ can be used in conjunction with ‘else’ to create more complex conditions: You can also choose explicit colors: