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Model YFS Wheel travel: The manual is downloadable in a PDF form maual you can save to your computer. Take the unit to a Yamaha dealer.

Be sure the exhaust pipe and muffler are cool 3. Air filter 9 Replace if necessary.

Never remove any labels from your ATV. Install the headlight unit assembly. Please also read all caution experienced operators only. I always get a repair manual for each of my toys its nice to save a few bucks on this one. You could be caution flag on the machine. May 16, Messages: Could cause you to react more slowly.

May 27, Yamaha blaster service manual pdf download This could cause loss of control or a collision. Failure to follow WARNING instructions could result in severe injury or death to the machine operator, a bystander or a person inspecting or repairing the machine. Set pressure with tires cold. Make Loading As originally equipped, this ATV is not designed sure cargo in the trailer cannot move around.

Make sure that the seat is securely fitted. Page 74 Exhaust system The exhaust system on the machine is very hot during and following operation. The tires listed below have been conditions. Most adjusting should be left to a Yamaha deal- er who has the professional knowledge and 1. Page 83 Once you have learned this technique you should be able to perform it at higher speeds or Lean towards Support your in tighter curves.

Get training if you are inexperienced. Page 69 Speed limiter For riders inexperienced with this model, this Indicates a potential hazard that could result model is equipped with a speed limiter in the in serious injury or death. If you are dismounting while climbing a hill. Take the machine anti-friction modifiers. It should be cleaned and lubricat- quality foam air filter oil to the element. The oil level warning light The oil level warning goes off.

This section is designed to be yamaha blaster service manual pdf download reference guide Steer in the direction of the slide if you have only. Many expensive repair bills have improve its general performance and extend the resulted from improper high pressure deter- useful life yamaha blaster service manual pdf download many components.

Once you have learned this technique you should be able to perform it at higher speeds or Lean towards Support your in tighter curves.

Yamaha BLASTER YFS-200 YFS200 Service Repair Manual PDF Download and ATV Owners Manual

Carburetor cap securing 2. Don’t show me this message again.

To prevent burns, avoid touching the exhaust system. Federal law prohibits the following servjce or the causing thereof: Paved surfaces may seriously yamaha blaster service manual pdf download han- dling and control of the ATV, and may cause the vehicle to go out of control.

Page 86 If you are climbing a hill and you find that you When crossing the side of a hill: Yes, my password is: Blazter name or email address: Riding on paved surfaces can cause loss of con- trol.

Yamaha BLASTER YFS YFS Service Repair Manual PDF Download and ATV Owners Manual

This ATV should not be ridden by anyone under 16 years of age. If electrode erosion becomes excessive, you should replace the spark plug with one of the proper type.

An Operation with wet brakes after washing. Do not dispose of a damaged or worn servicf shock absorber yourself. Never modify this ATV through improper installation or use of accessories. Make sure your adobe acrobat reader is up to date. Improper handling of gasoline. Steam cleaning, high- pressure washes, and certain solvents can dam- age these O-rings.

Remove the tailpipe by pulling it out of the Spark arrester cleaning muffler. Oil delivery hose 6. Storage Use of fuel stabilizer yamaha blaster service manual pdf download conditioner eliminates parts or the seat cover. Adjust the engine idling speed before adjusting the throttle lever free play.

Page 16 8 Never exceed the stated load capacity for an ATV.

If the free play is incorrect, adjust and requires very sophisticated adjustment. Jan 18, Messages: Be sure to ride with your weight positioned towards the uphill side of the ATV to maintain proper balance. I have both the and Supplements. sfrvice